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Remote Clinical Staffing

Behavioral Care Managers: Experienced, high performing therapist-care managers who can deliver screening, assess symptom severity and provide brief therapy interventions. Assigned to your practice, and dedicated to you and your patients’ success.

Psychiatric Consultant: Specialty trained, licensed experts act as a resource to coach our Behavioral Care Managers and provide medication & referral recommendations for your patients.


Modern technology platform

We have built the registry, screening, and workflow tools necessary for effective care and reimbursement.

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Implementation Guidance

Our clinicians work with your practice to launch and grow the service. We spend time working with you and your entire team to ensure success.


Documentation and Billing Support

We directly document into your medical record, when possible. We work with your billing team to ensure proper documentation and payment.

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Evidence-Based Care

There are 75+ trials supporting Collaborative Care. As we treat behavioral health, you’ll see other problems get better. Studies have demonstrated improvement in LDL, A1c and blood pressure. Our experts will translate the evidence base to your practice


Efficient Integration

Our team is there to support you and your practice. We help provide comprehensive care to some of your most challenging patients, improving clinic flow and helping the confidence of your whole team when addressing behavioral health

Innovative Approach

We work to strengthen and expand your practice. You are the conductor,
we help fill out your symphony.

Better Care

Increased Revenue

Better prepared for value-based payment models

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